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WordPress Optimization: The Many Benefits

WordPress continues to impress everyone in the Web Design and SEO industry. WordPress isn’t just an open source platform where you can write a blog. You can also, create a website with multiple pages just the same. Best of all, you can optimize your website within WordPress, as WordPress has many features and capabilities, which will allow you to enhance the ratings on your website while increasing the value of your blog and web page.

WordPress Optimization of Images

Images on blogs and throughout your website are now just as important as written content. The majority of internet users often scan through web pages and do not read everything that has been written. For this reason, images are imperative to the success of your website, as well as to the increment of your website visitors.

Adding images that are informative with some text will help users grasp information, without having to read too much information. In addition, info graphics are the latest trend, which simplifies capturing the attention of your targeted audience.

With that being said – do not go too heavy on the images, as this can slow down the loading speed of your website. Using the WordPress image optimizer plugin will allow you to optimize your images, by reducing the image size, while preserving the quality of the image. Choose images that are catchy and appealing and informative and self-explanatory.

WordPress Optimization of your Website’s Homepage

The optimization of your website’s homepage is really important, as this is the first page, which the majority of your visitors will see. Although optimizing your homepage may not be the decisive solution for your website’s loading speed… you do want to make sure that your website homepage uploads quickly.

Here are a few things in which WordPress Optimization come in handy:

1. Do not add unnecessary widgets to your website’s homepage.
2. Avoid image sliders on home pages. Image sliders often take a lot more time to load.
3. Use images with catchy texts.
4. Decrease the number of posts on your website homepage and feature excerpts rather than complete articles.
5. Remove unnecessary plugins on your homepage.

While your homepage is essential to your website’s success – keep it simple yet informative.

Website Database WordPress Optimization

If you are using WordPress, it is probable that your website’s database is using up a lot of space. This is especially true if you’ve been a WordPress user for a while. Trashed comments, data, revisions, spam comments and deleted plugins and many other aspects can slow down your website. Getting rid of all these unnecessary and discarded data will decrease the size of your database while enhancing the speed of your website.

Reap the Benefits of Content Delivery Network on WordPress

In most cases, the creation of a super blog is utilizing and making the most of Content Delivery Network (CDN). For starters, CDN on WordPress will enhance the performance of your website. It will also, save you a lot of money on website hosting. The Content Delivery Network – basically, allows for website visitors to be able to download files, such as – CSS and Javascript files. Visitors will also, be able to download images. In short, (CDN) is a must-have for the optimization of a WordPress blog.

Utilize a Caching Plugin on WordPress

Caching plugins offered by WordPress will help with the speed of your WordPress website.
Instead of creating dynamic pages every time, which take longer to load – caching plugins in WordPress will display an HTML file. Caching plugins will also, compress Javascript, HTML and CSS files. Without a doubt, caching is the best way to enhance the performance of your WordPress website.

The caching plugin on WordPress – “W3 Total Cache Plugin” comes with some really awesome features, which include:

1. Minification of pages, posts, and feeds.
2. Search engine result page caching.
3. Caching of feeds.
4. Compression of CSS & Javascript files.

Without a doubt, when you build a website with WordPress, implementing new features will be a much more convenient and easier for you. Best of all, optimizing your website will be a breeze.

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