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Marketing Monday #16 – Getting Visual with Pinterest and Instagram as Marketing Tools

Pinterest and Instagram are social media platforms that are built on the use of visual tools.  Unlike other social media, Pinterest and Instagram are not about telling what you are doing, talking about what’s hot and notifying us that your dog just chewed your homework.  These sites show you!  The question is how can these sites be used to market your business?  Before we dive into that, I’ll quickly explain what these sites are and how they work. Read More…

google plus benefits | atlanta web design

Marketing Monday #15 – Explore How Using Google+ Can Benefit Your Business

Google Plus benefits for your business can be huge. Google Plus is the latest social media platform to come on the scene.  With there being so many existing social media avenues to reach your consumers, you may have thought it’s okay to ignore Google+.  If so, think again!  Google+ may be one of the more important social media platforms for businesses to utilize.  Let’s explore why. Read More…

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Marketing Monday #14 – Mobile Friendly Sites: What That Means and How To Make One

At one point all traffic to websites went through laptops and PCs.  However, in recent years the traffic to sites from mobile devices is increasing greatly.  I would guess that, eventually, mobile traffic would equal, if not exceed, traffic from laptops/PCs.  Do you have multiple devices?  If so, which do you use more to search the Internet?  With this knowledge, it is wise for you to look into ensuring that your site is mobile friendly also.  Read More…