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Marketing Monday #15 – Explore How Using Google+ Can Benefit Your Business

Google Plus benefits for your business can be huge. Google Plus is the latest social media platform to come on the scene.  With there being so many existing social media avenues to reach your consumers, you may have thought it’s okay to ignore Google+.  If so, think again!  Google+ may be one of the more important social media platforms for businesses to utilize.  Let’s explore why.

Google Plus is owned and created by Google.  As you know, Google is the leading search engine, which utilizes an algorithm to rank where your business appears in search results on the site.  Google+ is simply an added social layer to the Google search engine.  What this means for your business is that anything that is posted on your businesses Google+ page is factored into the SEO algorithm and has the potential to greatly increase your businesses SEO ranking based on your activity.

Here are some functional ways that this plays out on Google.

  • Have you noticed lately when performing searches on Google a person’s picture now appears next to some articles in the search results?  This is called authorship and people’s pictures are appearing because they have set up a Google+ page.  So, when you searched for that topic you pulled up posts/articles that were posted on Google+ pages.  Authorship enables a photo and name to appear, in addition to the web address of the identified page.
  • In addition to key terms, people can now search Google by using hashtags.  This is important for you to be aware of to ensure that you include hashtags in your content.  The posts from the web that utilize the keywords used in your hashtag will pull up as normal.  However, anything using those hashtags that are pulled, specifically from Google+ will appear on the left side of the results page.
  • Company reviews and location address (if enabled) will appear with your web links in the search engine results page.  This provides consumers a quick review of pertinent decision-making data before they have even clicked to go to your site.

There are also some key items to note about using Google+.

  • Google+ utilizes “circles”, which can be segmented by your target audience.  As a business, this is a great advantage.  You can have separate circles for employees, customers, and potential customers.   You can break that down even further, if desired.  This segmentation enables you to provide customized content to the targeted audience.
  • There is no character limit!  You can take the space and time needed to say what you want to say without becoming a word contortionist to get your message apart.
  • Lastly, Google+ is now the second largest social media platform, as it has surpassed Twitter in users.  Google+ is growing fast and adding users daily.

Give Google+ a try and set up your profile now.  Let us know your thoughts about it and contact us if you need assistance.