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Marketing Monday #12 – Create a Favicon To Extend Your Branding

Do you know what a favicon is?  If not, don’t worry because I’m willing to bet that you see several of them daily.  A favicon is the small image that appears on the browser tab next to the URL address.  Favicons also appear in the bookmark bar, next to the website name and on your desktop if the website is bookmarked to the desktop. However, the ability for a favicon to appear on a desktop depends on the operating system being used. Read More…

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Marketing Monday #11 – How to Use Forums to Your Marketing Advantage

Forum marketing is a means of marketing through the use of existing forums. Forums are online message boards where people who have like interests gather to discuss, seek and give advice regarding the shared interest.  This provides an ideal environment for you show your expertise and in turn, promote your business/site.  Forum marketing is not a quick hit; it takes time but is worth the effort.  There are some key things to know in order to be successful utilizing this type of marketing. Read More…

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Marketing Monday #10 – Exploring Advertising Through Banner Ads.

Banner advertisements are a type of advertising used on sites outside of your own, which tend to be banners posted across the top of a web page.  At times banner ads can be seen on the side of a web page in a vertical format or, occasionally, other formats.  The most popular format used is the full size, top of the page banner.  The purpose of these ads is to entice the sites visitor enough to click the ad in order to bring them to your site.   It is said that the click rate of banner ads is low, however, it is nothing to ignore.  The combination of the right ad and placement does create an effective marketing campaign. Read More…