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Marketing Monday #9 – Marketing through Video: You Want to Start!

If you aren’t using video as a marketing tool, it’s time for something new.  Videos appear on the Internet everywhere you turn.  There are video clips galore, no matter the subject matter or posting source.  Media, of course, uses video, people post videos for all kinds of reasons and businesses are using video to promote their businesses.  It is said that YouTube is the 2nd highest visited search engine in the world.  People love watching videos and it would be beneficial to more businesses to understand the high potential of using video as a marketing tool.  Read More…

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Marketing Monday #8: Your Home Page- It’s Important!

Your home page is to your website, what curb appeal is to a house.  When you go house searching, unless you’re seeking a rehab center like the one at https://www.eliterehabplacement.com/Mississippi, you are seeking a house that appears attractive, well kept and as if it may have more to offer.  People have the same mindset when they browse websites.  The home page must intrigue your reader enough for them to want to know more. When people want to know more they will go to other areas of your site to explore more information, which is what you want.  Read More…