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Marketing Monday #6: How a Blog Can Help Build Your Business.

A blog is one of the best ways to help your business grow.  If you have a website then it would be to your benefit to incorporate a blog.  Blogging will help you build your business in many different ways.  While I understand that your business may be selling a specific product or service, the time taken to build a blog will be worth your while.  Below are some reasons why. Read More…

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Marketing Monday #5: How PPC Can Help By Using Adwords and Facebook Campaigns

Pay per click marketing (PPC), is a very strategic and effective online marketing tool which can be created using several effective methods such as Google Adwords and Facebook campaigns. PPC is an online advertising tool used to send traffic to your site from search engines. Search engines populate based on keywords, which are the words/phrases that people search for. On the search engine pages, there are organic results, which are non-paid results and then paid results, which usually appear at the top and right side of the search page. The paid results are the PPC ads. Read More…

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Marketing Monday #4: Social Media for Business Marketing 101

Whether we love it or hate it, social media is here to stay.  It continuously grows, with more and more sites becoming significant: Twittering has become the new email, IM, and advertisement in one, Facebook statuses can replace the customer survey and LinkedIn is placing people in jobs more accurately than and as frequently as career search sites like Monster.com.  New social media sites emerge regularly and people grab on to them for dear life.  Read More…