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What is On Page SEO and why is it Imperative to a Successful SEO Campaign

On-Page SEO, also, known as “on-site SEO,” is when you optimize all the pages of your website with keywords, meta descriptions and tags, content, title tags, header tags and internal links within the website.

On-Page SEO best practices will help your website’s different web pages rank higher on search engines and drive traffic to your website.

When optimizing on-page, you have to keep in mind, that you only have a small limited amount of time to engage and influence visitors to interface with your website. The higher the engagement you gain from visitors, the longer visitors will remain on your website, which is a sign that they’re having a good experience, which can often result in conversions.

The following strategies and categories if used strategically; will expand traffic and your website will become more visible during searches. However, you need a clear understanding of everything that should go into your on-page SEO applications and efforts. Be sure to conduct an analysis of your website to get a better understanding of how your website’s interface for each page is performing.

• Meta Tags.

Meta tags are an essential aspect of your on-page SEO applications. The usage and implementation of Meta tags are crucial to the success of your SEO campaign, as Meta tags are utilized to administer different search engines with central information about the different pages on your website.

If your goal is to attain high rankings – it is of utter importance that you factor in user satisfaction, as well, as relevance. However, custom Meta tags will influence users and click-through rates.

• Meta Descriptions.

Meta descriptions will tell users what they will find on your website. While they are not a direct ranking aspect, search engines do read meta descriptions and arbitrate the topics on different pages and the audience, who will find it beneficial.

Well written meta descriptions can achieve an aggressive competitive dominance in search result pages, which will create a greater click-through rate with a leading chance of conversions.

Acutely, bare facts of what visitors will find on a particular page on your website. Make sure to add your brand and drop a few keywords, that sound organic and not forced. Meta descriptions will be the initial interaction that the majority of visitors will have with your brand. Make them memorable and inviting!

• Title Tags.

There are an array of tags on your websites’ pages. Although, the most important is your title tag. During organic and paid ad searches – users will see the title, as well, as the content, which appears at the top of the tabs in your browser.

Title tags summarize what the website and/or page is all about. Google will take notice of title tags and compare it to the rest of the content on your website.

Title tags should be utilized to stand apart from competitors, which will draw in traffic. Be sure all necessary information is comprised, such as keywords and locations.

As you can see, on-page SEO is simple, but it is also, a meticulous endeavor, which you want to have done as precise as possible for best results in your SEO campaign.

Now that you know what on-page SEO is, it is time to optimize your website (on-page) and you can use the above tips to guide you on your journey. However, if you need further assistance and/or guidance, be sure to consult with leading SEO specialists at Ultimate Marketing Group in Atlanta, Georgia.