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Marketing Monday # 2: Why Are E-Newsletters More Important then Ever?

Many people think that e-mail newsletters have been superseded by social media. This Monday, we will highlight some points that prove otherwise.

Social media has not replaced electronic marketing; in fact, they are complementary. What do we do when we find an article, post, video, or tweet that we really enjoy or that contains important information? We re-post or re-tweet it to our friends. An e-newsletter lets you do the same thing for content about your business.

According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), an e-newsletter can yield up to 4300% of ROI (return on investment). If it is designed correctly and includes a strong call to action, it can help you keep current customers up to date, attract new ones, create revenue, and raise awareness about your brand.

The most important function of an e-newsletter is to maintain contact with your subscribers. Why stay connected with your client base? It is easier to generate sales from past customers than from new ones. Every time your previous clients receive an e-newsletter, they are reminded of the great experience they had with your business and that you are around if they need you.

Your e-newsletter should include:

  • A Concise Subject Line: Remember that this is the very first thing your readers will see when they receive your newsletter. It must be short and to the point if you want to raise your opening rate.
  • Design: This is probably the second most important component. Once they open your e-mail and see that it is designed beautifully, people will be curious about the content. You should also make sure that your e-newsletter is mobile friendly, since 64% of people read their e-mail on their smart phones.
  • Images: Most people are visual, so it is no surprise that they love seeing images with content. A study developed by Hub Spot found that e-newsletters with images had a higher click-through rate than those that did not, so use them to make your point.
  • Call to Action: You have to tell the end users what to do immediately after they finish reading the newsletter. Use words like “click here,” displayed in a way that is hard to miss. This will get you more clicks and traffic.
  • Why Are They Getting It? People are busy. Especially if your target is B2B, make sure you remind readers how they were added to your list.

We hope that you found this week’s tip useful. If you need assistance, feel free to contact us. Now go and try this; you can thank us later.