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How to clean your email list

How to Clean your email list

An obstacle we come across often is, when clients want to initiate an email marketing campaign and have a list of emails they collected in a lapse of over two years. As we all know email accounts are disposable these days you can delete one and turn around and create another one.

In an age where technology is advancing and helping us grow our businesses, why should we be cleaning email lists manually, I mean that’s so 2001. We stumble upon Brite Verify while looking to clean an email list with 2,000 emails provided by a client. Now, we could have uploaded that list to our email marketing software and hope for the best. When you pay for each email sent to that list, your cost adds up.

Why them and no other company out there. While performing research of services that could achieve these results we found several points that we considered important in our decision to select Brite Verify.

Here are the three important points in our decision-making:

  1. Price – The issue we found was that most of the companies out there wanted a monthly fee. We get it, if your focus in business is email marketing why not, but to us, that was just not something we were going to use on the regular basis. Brite Verify is a pay-as-you-go service, which makes it to companies and agencies like us, effortless to utilize. Their cost is exceptional at only one cent per email, we did find another company with slightly lower rates, but as you read the following points, you will understand why them.
  2. Design – We believe that if you invest time and effort on making the face of your application, or website eye appealing, than most likely you invested an insane amount of time in making the actual service great. Another point for Brite Verify, not only their price is good, but their application and website is fancy.
  3. Speed – We really love how fast our email list got verified. We tested the competition’s tools, but it took longer than Brite Verify. Now, how good is speed if is not accurate. After sending our first email campaign, we were amazed to see that they were no more cleanups needed.

So there you have it. If you have an email list that you’ve wanted to clean, to kickoff your email marketing for your business make sure to check them out at

Note: We do not have any affiliation with the company mentioned above, this review is for the sole purpose of providing our readers with some tools to ease the troubles of self-marketing.