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Marketing Monday #17 – XML Sitemaps: Understanding their Value

Sitemaps help guide people and web crawlers to and through your website.  Before getting into the details of why it’s best to create one lets look at the types of sitemaps.  There are two types, HTML and XML sitemaps. 

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Marketing Monday #16 – Getting Visual with Pinterest and Instagram as Marketing Tools

Pinterest and Instagram are social media platforms that are built on the use of visual tools.  Unlike other social media, Pinterest and Instagram are not about telling what you are doing, talking about what’s hot and notifying us that your dog just chewed your homework.  These sites show you!  The question is how can these […]

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Marketing Monday #15 – Explore How Using Google+ Can Benefit Your Business

Google Plus benefits for your business can be huge. Google Plus is the latest social media platform to come on the scene.  With there being so many existing social media avenues to reach your consumers, you may have thought it’s okay to ignore Google+.  If so, think again!  Google+ may be one of the more […]

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Marketing Monday #14 – Mobile Friendly Sites: What That Means and How To Make One

At one point all traffic to websites went through laptops and PCs.  However, in recent years the traffic to sites from mobile devices is increasing greatly.  I would guess that, eventually, mobile traffic would equal, if not exceed, traffic from laptops/PCs.  Do you have multiple devices?  If so, which do you use more to search […]

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Marketing Monday # 13 – Video Blogs Kick the New Year into High Gear!

Happy New Year!  It’s the start to a new year and time to implement some tactics that will drive your site in the direction you want it to go…quickly!  For that reason, we’re revisiting a topic covered in late 2013.  Video blogs!  (If you’d like to recap on the article previously posted, click here.)

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Marketing Monday #12 – Create a Favicon To Extend Your Branding

Do you know what a favicon is?  If not, don’t worry because I’m willing to bet that you see several of them daily.  A favicon is the small image that appears on the browser tab next to the URL address.  Favicons also appear in the bookmark bar, next to the website name and on your […]

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Marketing Monday #11 – How to Use Forums to Your Marketing Advantage

Forum marketing is a means of marketing through the use of existing forums. Forums are online message boards where people who have like interests gather to discuss, seek and give advice regarding the shared interest.  This provides an ideal environment for you show your expertise and in turn, promote your business/site.  Forum marketing is not […]

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Marketing Monday #10 – Exploring Advertising Through Banner Ads.

Banner advertisements are a type of advertising used on sites outside of your own, which tend to be banners posted across the top of a web page.  At times banner ads can be seen on the side of a web page in a vertical format or, occasionally, other formats.  The most popular format used is […]

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Marketing Monday #9 – Marketing through Video: You Want to Start!

If you aren’t using video as a marketing tool, it’s time for something new.  Videos appear on the Internet everywhere you turn.  There are video clips galore, no matter the subject matter or posting source.  Media, of course, uses video, people post videos for all kinds of reasons and businesses are using video to promote […]

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Marketing Monday #8: Your Home Page- It’s Important!

Your home page is to your website, what curb appeal is to a house.  When you go house searching, unless you’re seeking a rehab center like the one at https://www.eliterehabplacement.com/Mississippi, you are seeking a house that appears attractive, well kept and as if it may have more to offer.  People have the same mindset when […]

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Marketing Monday #7: Email Lists – 3 Methods to Building One

Email lists are practically a necessity for any business with an online presence. It seems as though email lists are either completely overlooked or misunderstood.  Let’s take this time to understand, the importance of an email list and some tips on how to build one.

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Marketing Monday #6: How a Blog Can Help Build Your Business.

A blog is one of the best ways to help your business grow.  If you have a website then it would be to your benefit to incorporate a blog.  Blogging will help you build your business in many different ways.  While I understand that your business may be selling a specific product or service, the […]

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