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3 reasons not to use web templates for your business

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly looking for ways to better our business and gain exposure. There comes the time when you realize that it is time to get a website for your company, but your budget is low. You’ve decided to do it yourself, after all, why pay a company if you can execute it on your own, right?

You decided to use one of the many open source CMS (Content Management System) programs for their fantastic abilities. Some of them are WordPress, Joomla, or Magento just to mention a few. You’ve even taken a look at a few templates.What I have for you is three simple reasons why you should not use a web template for your business.

  • Performance – Most of these beautiful web templates are loaded with many options, giving you the ability to customize and create a template that fit your needs. What you don’t know is that to create all these options, it involves adding a lot of files, making these templates take a long time to load. Speed is not only good for your users, but Google also takes it into consideration when ranking your page. Producing a custom template ensures that only the necessary files and code are included making your site light and fast.
  • Support – The developer of these templates offers you a limited support. They can only help you up to a certain point. What happens if several months down the road your template is having trouble and now you can’t get help. Not only is it difficult to troubleshoot by a different developer because each developer coding style is different, but is time consuming since a lot of the times the error could be in several of the files. In our case, by having us build a custom web template from scratch for you, it ensures you have a dedicated support specialist.
  • Branding – In order to create a branding strategy, both your company and website have to be unique. When you purchase a pre-built  web template, your website is not unique. The same template can be purchased by hundreds or even thousands of other companies. Many businesses are a simple and unique idea with immense possibilities to grow, yet their gateway is not every bit unique.

Hopefully we helped you see the cons of having a pre-built web template. In return it can be more costly than if you would have a custom web template build. I could add a few more points to this inclination, but we would rather save it for more specific issues in the future.