wordpress 5.7 maintenance

3 great improvements coming to WordPress 5.7

WordPress major release 5.7 is expected on March 9th and it comes with a whole new set of features. Many of which are good for developers to improve performance, but if you are not a developer here you will find the 3 best improvements coming out that will benefit you. HTTP to HTTPS Let’s Encrypt […]

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market segmentation | atlanta web design

Market Segmentation: Why is Important for Businesses & Customers?

Market Segmentation is the substructure in the development of effective marketing goals and targets. Moreover, the analytics of market segments allows for decisions regarding the intensity of marketing initiatives on precise segments. An oriented marketing segment typically presents a range of conveniences and benefits for both business owners and their customers.

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website redesign - atlanta seo company

Top 4 Reasons Why Website Redesign is a Necessity

Believe it or not, we are in the midst of a Fourth Industrial Revolution. The rapid velocity of today’s digital changes has interrupted all industries in the United States. It’s highly likely that the industry you’re in has evolved dramatically in the last several years.

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wordpress optimization | local seo services

WordPress Optimization: The Many Benefits

WordPress continues to impress everyone in the Web Design and SEO industry. WordPress isn’t just an open source platform where you can write a blog. You can also, create a website with multiple pages just the same. Best of all, you can optimize your website within WordPress, as WordPress has many features and capabilities, which […]

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google keyword planner

4 Invaluable Tips on How to Use Google Keyword Planner for SEO

Before you begin to implement Google Keyword Planner for SEO campaigns – you first must acquire a Google AdWords account and then all the fun and new SEO discoveries will begin… The Google Keyword Planner is a tool, which you can obtain for free. It is an invaluable tool for building your keyword list. Below […]

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seo consulting services

8 Tips on How to Find the Best SEO Consulting Services

Leading SEO Consultants provide their clients with important information on what should be implemented for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on their business websites. SEO Consultants are valuable to businesses and offer a variety of resources, so that you may have a rewarding SEO campaign. However, choosing the right SEO Consulting Services for you and your […]

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on-page seo | local seo services

What is On Page SEO and why is it Imperative to a Successful SEO Campaign

On-Page SEO, also, known as “on-site SEO,” is when you optimize all the pages of your website with keywords, meta descriptions and tags, content, title tags, header tags and internal links within the website. On-Page SEO best practices will help your website’s different web pages rank higher on search engines and drive traffic to your […]

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seo tips

5 Strategic SEO Tips that will Increase Traffic to your Website

Do you want to lead a successful SEO campaign that will drive more traffic to your business website? We bet you do… And for this reason, we bring to you 5 SEO Tips that will increase the visibility of your website, therefore driving more visitors to your website, as your website begins to rank on […]

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landing page | atlanta web design

Use a landing page for your next marketing campaign: 6 Tips that will set you apart

A landing page is a page that users are directed to after clicking on a search engine optimized (SEO) search result or an online advertisement. The purpose of a landing page is to direct users to another part of your website or to generate a lead by capturing user data.

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mobile friendly | atlanta web design

New Google changes: is your website mobile friendly?

Google recently announced on its webmaster central blog that they would account for the mobile-friendliness of your website for ranking purposes starting on April 21st. If you want to stay ahead of competitors with a higher website ranking and more efficient marketing, then this article is for you.

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custom web template | atlanta web design

3 reasons not to use web templates for your business

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly looking for ways to better our business and gain exposure. There comes the time when you realize that it is time to get a website for your company, but your budget is low. You’ve decided to do it yourself, after all, why pay a company if you can execute it […]

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affordable web design | social media strategy

How to create a social media strategy for your Business in 2015

Social media has come to change our lives. At the beginning it was only for personal purpose and now, it influences buyers and helps business get a bigger exposure. Compared to traditional Marketing, digital marketing is more affordable and easier to track and analyze. The average person in 2014 spend about 4 hours per day […]

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