How to clean your email list

How to Clean your email list

An obstacle we come across often is, when clients want to initiate an email marketing campaign and have a list of emails they collected in a lapse of over two years. As we all know email accounts are disposable these days you can delete one and turn around and create another one.

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Marketing Monday # 24: PageRank and How to Increase It

PageRank is one of the many factors that Google uses in its algorithm to rank websites on search engine results pages (SERPs). It was one of the first factors utilized by Google and once a dominating factor. While it is now, one of many triggers, it is still a relevant piece of the puzzle and […]

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Marketing Monday # 23- Starter Ideas for Web Content and How to Manage It

Content consists of the text, videos, images and sound used on a web site.  It’s important to keep your content fresh.  Stale content may attract new visitors but it doesn’t keep existing customers returning.  Additionally, search engines look for fresh content and rank higher based on the frequency of content updates.

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Marketing Monday # 22 – Email Campaign: Where Do We Start?

It’s been said that in the face of social media, email marketing is dead and gone.  This is one of the biggest misconceptions out so business owners, listen up!  Email marketing is the best way to engage with your customer’s one-on one, building a trust and conversation that is hard to establish via social media.  […]

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Marketing Monday # 21 – How To Use Testimonials To Sell Your Business

Testimonials are the single biggest selling point for your small business.  Do your customers tell you how great your product or service is?  Do they tell you they don’t know what they did before they began using your product or service? These are your testimonials!  If you are not using them, you are missing out […]

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Marketing Monday # 20 – Understanding Title Tag and How to Improve Them

Title tags are one aspect of SEO, which play a great part in search engine ranking which makes it worth your time to look at.  A title tag is HTML code that is read by search engines but not necessarily seen by people.  Depending on the browser, it may appear at the very top of […]

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Marketing Monday # 19 – How Local Listing Sites Can Drive Business

Have you done all that you can to get the local exposure your business needs?  One way to do this is to list your business on local listing pages.  There are several of these sites online.  Google Plus Local, Bing Local, Yahoo Local, Yelp, and Angie’s List, are a few of local listing business sites.

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Marketing Monday # 18 – Affiliate Marketing: Is It Right for Your Business?

Affiliate marketing is a sales technique that functions a bit as a referral program.  In a referral program, a customer is compensated if they refer another customer who makes a purchase.  In affiliate marketing, you pay companies who market your businesses product(s) a percentage of every sale that comes through their site.

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Marketing Monday #17 – XML Sitemaps: Understanding their Value

Sitemaps help guide people and web crawlers to and through your website.  Before getting into the details of why it’s best to create one lets look at the types of sitemaps.  There are two types, HTML and XML sitemaps. 

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Marketing Monday #16 – Getting Visual with Pinterest and Instagram as Marketing Tools

Pinterest and Instagram are social media platforms that are built on the use of visual tools.  Unlike other social media, Pinterest and Instagram are not about telling what you are doing, talking about what’s hot and notifying us that your dog just chewed your homework.  These sites show you!  The question is how can these […]

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Marketing Monday #15 – Explore How Using Google+ Can Benefit Your Business

Google Plus benefits for your business can be huge. Google Plus is the latest social media platform to come on the scene.  With there being so many existing social media avenues to reach your consumers, you may have thought it’s okay to ignore Google+.  If so, think again!  Google+ may be one of the more […]

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Marketing Monday #14 – Mobile Friendly Sites: What That Means and How To Make One

At one point all traffic to websites went through laptops and PCs.  However, in recent years the traffic to sites from mobile devices is increasing greatly.  I would guess that, eventually, mobile traffic would equal, if not exceed, traffic from laptops/PCs.  Do you have multiple devices?  If so, which do you use more to search […]

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