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A different Joomla Framework

A thing I found particularly hard to do when I began my career as a website developer was work with CMS (content management systems). After researching extensively which of the three major platforms to learn—Joomla, WordPress, or Drupal—I opted for Joomla. Why Joomla? Well, at the time, it seemed like the easiest one to deal with and it met my clients’ needs. Read More…

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The Ultimate Website Grading Tool that You Can Learn About Today

One of our most requested services is our SEO. Google algorithms are constantly changing, and to maintain a good ranking, you need to keep up to date. When clients request our help, we first assess their site to determine which areas need the most attention. Today we would like to share with you a great tool that’ll help you understand where you are with your site in terms of marketing. Are you ready? Read More…

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The Ultimate Welcome

Welcome to the first blog post of Ultimate Design Solutions! Let me introduce myself. My name is Raul Cruz, and I’m a freelance web designer based in Atlanta. I work with CMS (content management systems) such as Joomla and WordPress. As a Joomla expert, I’ve spent countless hours contributing to the forums, developing my own framework, and creating Joomla sites. The same goes for WordPress. I’m now embarking on Prestashop, which is increasingly becoming a preferred e-commerce platform. I have been developing for over nine years, and have created more than one hundred sites for web design and marketing firms in Atlanta. Read More…